Unbelievable! Joe Biden Loses His Marbles And Yells At Americans (Video)

Wow, things are going downhill fast. Joe’s mind is mushier than a bowl of Jell-O left in the sun. His approval rating and collective prospect of Democrats maintaining their House and Senate Majority are lower than a Clinton intern. And now he can’t even keep up with the day-to-day messaging to the public without screaming angrily while wildly misinforming all of us on basic economics.

There is just so much to unpack from a barely eleven-second video. Let’s just start there first. Watch this gem, which is sure to become an instant Biden classic, right up there with “we’re losing our patience with the unvaccinated.” So much tolerance and unity. So much adulting in the White House and acting presidential!

“I’m sick of this stuff. We have to talk about, because the American people think the reason for inflation is government spending more money. Simply not true!”

It’s hard to even stay focused on the economic misinformation when he is so enraged. Seriously, how is this even acceptable? Forget farting in front of the queen for a second or pooping himself in front of the Pope. Those are bad, but at least it was in private. These outbursts? This is the face of the nation – the literal face – and it comes across as a bitter, old, crotchety loser.  Read more

2 thoughts on “Unbelievable! Joe Biden Loses His Marbles And Yells At Americans (Video)”

  1. First off Pedo Joe has no marbles to lose. He like all other Democraps have NOTHING Buf WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER OVERFLOWING THEIR OTHERWISE EMPTY SKULLS. This WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER flows out their EVER FLAPPING LIPS.

  2. Obiden is an idiot. He has never created a job or managed a payroll. H doesn’t have a clue. Things are going to get worse. Maybe a recession or depression. It’s time for him and he hyena to say so long folks.

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