President Trump Just Went Where No Politician Has Dared To Go Regarding Joe Biden’s “Brain” (Video)

Former President Donald Trump returned to South Carolina last night, where he had an hours-long rally in Florence to further cement his star power within the Republican Party, boost his preferred GOP candidates and blast two incumbents that he wants voted out.

The rally, which took place at Florence Regional Airport, gave Trump a big stage in a red Southern state that has historically played an outsized role in American presidential politics. It was also Trump’s first visit to the Palmetto State since he lost the presidential election in 2020. Since leaving the White House, Trump has remained a powerful figure in the Republican Party. He routinely holds political rallies, hosts political events of his own at his Florida estate and continues to wade into GOP primaries to exert and test his influence in races across the country.

He also reminded us all why he was so popular in the first place and went where no politician has dared to go regarding Biden’s brain!

He had a lot of people talking when he called out Joe Biden for being “mentally challenged.”

Watch the video here

3 thoughts on “President Trump Just Went Where No Politician Has Dared To Go Regarding Joe Biden’s “Brain” (Video)”

  1. Joe Biden being mentally challenged is an understatement, in my opinion. He is totally void of any mental acuity!

  2. Trump was right, but he was nicer than i would be if asked that question. I personally think biden is a idiot, who has lied so much in his years in politics, that now he lies out of habit. As far as all the things he has changed i just hope America can withstand 3 more years of the current administration.

  3. Of course Joe is Brain dead and I really know Why! I have the same date of Birth Joe’s
    11/20/1942 Mine 11/20/1943 We are the same Age because I’m a Life begins at Conception
    Type. I’ve had the same Brain surgery and my surgeon gave me the Key to staying Sharp.
    Apparently Joe’s did not. You only have to watch him. He truly is a Basket Case. Every time
    He opens his Mouth proves The Democrats [pulled off The Biggest Political Theft in our
    History. Got it!

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