The House Democrats Allegedly Snuck In The Federalization Of Guns Into The Omnibus Bill – Here Is A List Of The 39 Republicans Who Supported This

Democrats’ $1.5 trillion omnibus spending package, unveiled early Wednesday, includes provisions that constitute “a serious expansion of federal gun control” according to the National Association for Gun Rights.

Due to continued efforts by Democrats to include gun control measures in the legislation, the bill was last passed into law in 2013, and has faced steep opposition from pro-Second Amendment Republicans since then.

Currently, almost all firearm sales require a background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Purchasers who are tagged as having a criminal background barring them from possessing a firearm are tagged in the system and are not allowed to carry out the purchase.

However, VAWA takes this system much further.

Under its provisions, the attorney general is required “to issue a notice to State, local, or Tribal law enforcement and prosecutors if an individual has attempted to purchase a firearm and been denied pursuant to the national instant criminal background check system.”

In other words, an attempt to buy a firearm while legally barred from owning one can be met with criminal investigation.

Recently the Gun Owners of America (GOA) sent out an alert chronicling the serious issues they found in the bill already passed by the House and Senate.

Democrats and Republicans have been pushing to stuff gun control in big and popular bills, such as the Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA), for years. Part of their strategy was putting something unpopular, like gun control, into something which is difficult to vote against. Like a law called the Violence Against Women Act. Read more

3 thoughts on “The House Democrats Allegedly Snuck In The Federalization Of Guns Into The Omnibus Bill – Here Is A List Of The 39 Republicans Who Supported This”

  1. Mitch McConnell PROMISED they would no longer pass bulking bills without reading them first, yet here we are again. Odd that the Republicans were able to attach a rider to stop the sale of weed in DC, but not able to protect our gun rights or battered women. Great job looking out for their own territory but a big “Who Cares” for the rest of the country’s needs.

  2. Yes RINO Mitch McConnell helps us again.! When is the Republican party going to eradicate the RINOs and become a true conservative party? I am so tired of voting Republican and getting nothing in return. Everytime the Republicans control the House , the Senate, or both they’re first thing the do is to come out and say we reach out “ to our brothers across the isle to work together.” Well they don’t want to work with anyone but themselves when the Democrats control the power! I am sick of the spineless Republican party!

  3. Stupid people never realize that when you allow just one of your rights in the ‘Bill of Rights’ to be taken from you, you put all of those rights in the ‘Bill of Rights’ at risk to be taken from you, and it’s called “precedent”.

    The Democrats know this well and are trying as hard as possible to start that elimination of the American people’s heritage from the ‘Founding Fathers’, our ‘Bill of Rights’, by eliminating the first one that they can convince the American people that it is in their benefit to eliminate. by claiming it would make them safer.

    Losing any right makes nobody safer, it just makes you weaker and unable to defend yourself or your country, like the Ukrainian people are doing today.

    If China or Russia, or both, would invade the USA, then the American people would have to do exactly what the Ukrainian people are doing today, and that is why all those rights in the ‘Bill of Rights’ are very important to the American people.

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