Ukrainian “Journalist” Connected To WEF And Soros Shares A Viral Video Of “Russian” Soldier Who Froze To Death And Was Chained So He Would Not Desert – He Was In Fact Ukrainian Soldier Used By The Russians As A False Flag Operation

Ukrainian media, including the one entitled “Look for yours” (in reference to captured or deceased Russian soldiers), which is characterized by checking the veracity of the images it inserts, publishes the video of a Russian soldier who died of cold and who was chained to a lamppost to, supposedly, not desert and leave his post.

“This is not the first case of a massacre by the commanders of the army of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation of soldiers who refused to carry out criminal orders. Passed away. Unidentified”, they indicate in Russian when commenting on the image.

Stalin’s methods. The occupiers chained up a Russian grenade launcher so that it would not defect. He froze to death. Let the mothers of Russian soldiers see. Inhumane,” one social media user wrote.

However, the video became viral when Daria Kalenuk posted the video on her Twiter account:

This news will come as no surprise. During WW2 Russians forced conscripts & others to fight by having military police in back with rifles aimed at them in case they tried to give up or run away.
Bu today we as Americans are brainwashed by both sides with their propaganda videos.

The weapon he has with him is American: Read more