Watch: President Trump Savages RINOs in Awesome Speech

It wasn’t just the woke generals that have ruined America’s military that Trump blasted during his rally in Florence, South Carolina. He also tore into two particularly bad RINOs, RINOs that worked against him while in the House.

He announced he would do so shortly before the rally, saying in an announcement that:

Big rally in South Carolina this weekend. Will be honoring Katie Arrington, who is running against the absolutely horrendous Nancy Mace, and Russell Fry, who is likewise running against ‘doesn’t have a clue’ Tom Rice.

Both Mace and Rice turned on Trump after the trespass in the Capitol on January 6th, with Rice siding with ten other pearl-clutching RINOs to impeach Trump and Mace ridiculously claiming that the protesters “put all of our lives at risk.”

Well, Trump fulfilled that pledge during his rally, attacking Mace and Ric and leading the audience in booing them, as you can watch here: