[WATCH] Crybaby Kinzinger Refuses To Go On Tucker’s Show, Releases Pathetic Video Instead

Adam Kinzinger is just the worst. He and Liz Cheney are Exhibit A and B as to why the Republican Party needs to be disbanded and a new brand of conservatism needs to start over. Between his AOC-like crying when discussing the FBI-coordinated events of January 6th and his continued retweeting of obvious Ukrainian wartime propaganda, he goes out of his way to hate conservative populism and give the middle finger to his constituents.

Kinzinger has already declared he will not be running for re-election because…he’d be destroyed in a Republican primary.

This loser was back at it Monday night. After cravenly avoiding Tucker Carlson, where he would have to have a real conversation about issues, as opposed to whining about Trump and Putin with Liz Cheney, Kinzinger took the air of a superior being. He’s not afraidf of Tucker, he’s too good for him!

Watch this pathetic display of undeserved self-esteem and self-wroth:

“I got an invitation to do Tucker Carlson’s show tonight. And there’s no way I’ll go on his show for a number of reasons.

But first, let me state that his insistence that the West was provoking war with Putin, his spreading lies about “biolabs,” and his continued spewing of conspiracy theories are nothing but complete evil. Read more

5 thoughts on “[WATCH] Crybaby Kinzinger Refuses To Go On Tucker’s Show, Releases Pathetic Video Instead”

  1. This man ? is a huge disappointment to me and my family and we are very sorry that we ever voted for this loser. He needs to join the demorats party or better yet get out of politics altogether and get a real job as he sure as hell can’t handle or do the one he has. He is kind of a waste of air and space.

  2. What a pathetic putz kinzinger is. He is too much of a coward to debate Tucker, for starters. His inaccurate bogus claims are spewed without any reference behind them or a stated fact. BTW the government, you know the one you are supposed to be a part of, already confirmed there are bio labs in Ukraine and concerned about the pathogens getting into the hands of the Russians. So glad we elect incompetent stooges to office. But the real question isn’t his lack of character, but why does he have to lie and slander with no real facts? Could it be Tucker has proven how lame he is and has no backbone to stand up for himself? Or does cowering to the corrupt MSM mean some might stupidly praise him? Hmmmm

  3. Kizinger is a lapdog for stupid. Tucker , may or may not support Putin , but this “person” FAILS to document and therefore prove his assertion that Tucker SUPPORTS Putin. Where is your proof , bubba?
    I believe Hilary had a Supreme Court Justice [Scalia} murdered . I believe she had Epstein murdered , along with numerous other people , BUT , I cannot provide EVIDENCE to prove my assertions , therefore, one can only hope she will make that fatal mistake and get caught . You , however , have been caught , and you are a spineless sissyboy with no Moral Compass .

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