Congratulations, Ohio! Look What Governor DeWine Just Signed!

The Buckeye State proved on Monday that even with Democrats in control of the federal government, wins can still be had for the 2nd Amendment. Governor Mike DeWine signed into law Senate Bill 215, which allows any person who can legally own a firearm the right to carry concealed within the state of Ohio. This makes Ohio the 23rd state to sign such a bill into law, however since the bill goes into effect only 90 days after being signed by the governor, it will actually beat out Alabama to become the 22nd state to implement permitless carry, also known among gun rights circles as constitutional carry. The Firearms Policy Coalition remarked on Twitter that once both bills go into effect, “more than 100 million people will live in permitless carry states.” What a milestone for our right to self-defense! also describes another provision of the Ohio bill which protects people from unknowingly committing a crime. Read more