Nice! Zuck Gets Zucked!

A common issue with which many conservative Americans have to deal is getting restricted or suppressed on social media. though Twitter is by far the worst from a banning perspective, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta also does its fair share of censoring and silencing conservative Americans.

Well now, with Russia invading Ukraine and Russia and the West continually slapping each other with sanctions, it looks like the tables have turned and now it’s Zuckerberg’s Meta that’s getting censored in the name of public safety.

Specifically, it’s Instagram and Facebook that are being banned, for now, within the Russian Federation.

Facebook has been banned within Russia for almost two weeks now. As TechCrunch reported back in early March:

A week after introducing partial restrictions on Facebook, the Russian government announced Friday that it would begin blocking the social network in the country outright.

Russia’s internet regulatory agency Roskomnadzor cited “26 cases of discrimination against Russian media and information resources” in the decision to cut off access to the world’s largest social platform, echoing its prior complaints that the company imposed restrictions on state-affiliated media outlets.

Apparently, the Russians have much more of a willingness to deal with censorship than America’s leaders. There must have been a glitch in the matrix. Read more