Startling New Info Emerges in Natalie Wood Cold Case

What happened to Natalie Wood, the actress who died under mysterious circumstances in the 1980s? Two contending narratives have emerged since her untimely death in November of 1981.

On one hand, many people believe she died accidentally. She was drunk at the time of her death and, according to this line of thinking, accidentally she fell overboard off the deck of her husband’s yacht, a yacht called, “Splendor.”

It might make sense, but that’s just one view. Others familiar with the cold case say that her jealous husband Robert Wagner murdered her in a fit of rage.

Well, the second group might have been right all along if recently discovered evidence is to be believed.

What is that new evidence? There are actually two pieces of it.

The first is, as Radar Online reports, that Wood and her husband, Robert Wagner, had a brutal fight shortly before her death. As that outlet reports:

In the weeks before Natalie Wood’s corpse was recovered off California’s Catalina Island on Nov. 29, 1981, she and husband Robert Wagner had a knock-down drag-them-out fight in a North Caroline hotel.

But it’s not just that reports are circulating that the two were fighting. Rumors are rumors and, like free advice, are generally worth less than you pay for them.

No, here, according to the retired prosecutor Sam Peronni, the man who has petitioned the Los Angeles County Coroner/Medical Examiner’s office demanding they launch a coroner’s inquest jury, there’s someone who can prove that the couple was arguing around the time of her death. Again according to Radar Online: Read more