[VIDEO] “This is Happening in North America”: Horrific Video of Cartel Violence Near America Emerges

Watch this video, does it look like something you’d expect more from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border or the US-Mexico border:

Unfortunately, of course, it’s from the US-Mexico border. In fact, the horrific violence took place in Nuevo Laredo, the sister city of Laredo, Texas.

What happened? Well, according to Border Report, rival cartel gunmen started fighting in the city with gunshots and even a grenade explosion rippling through the city in response to a police capture of a drug cartel kingpin. In that outlet’s words:

Violence erupted in the Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo overnight Sunday near the U.S. Consulate’s office and forced two international bridges to close, after Mexican army officials arrested a high-ranking drug cartel leader, Border Report has learned. Read more