Breaking: US Intel Says Putin Has A NEW Weapon That Could Threaten The West [WATCH]

US defense officials have said they believe Putin is edging ever closer towards the use of nuclear weapons as his illegal invasion of Ukraine continues to face embarrassing set-backs.

Yesterday, Lieutenant General Scott Berrier, the director of the US Defense Intelligent Agency released a frightening 67-page account detailing Russia’s threat to Western security, including the likelihood of Putin resorting to the use of nuclear bombs on Ukraine’s capital Kyiv – which Russian forces have been unable to successfully claim.

According to the report, Russia is also developing new and powerful missiles so that Putin is able to “ensure that Russia can credibly inflict unacceptable damage on the West.”

As Putin begins to lose face with the Russian people – many of whom were fed propaganda that Russian troops would be welcomed like heroes by the Ukrainian people and the take-over of Ukraine would take a matter of a few days, US defense experts are worried that he may resort to extreme and desperate measures:

As this war and its consequences slowly weaken Russian conventional strength, Russia likely will increasingly rely on its nuclear deterrent to signal the West and project strength to its internal and external audiences,” said Berrier’s report, which was obtained by Fox.

Berrier then seemingly went on to suggest that the Biden Administration’s weak leadership may spur Putin on to launch an attack on the United States in order to portray his dominance:

“U.S. efforts to undermine Russia’s goals in Ukraine, combined with its perception that the United States is a nation in decline, could prompt Russia to engage in more aggressive actions not only in Ukraine itself, but also more broadly in its perceived confrontation with the West”, he wrote. Read more