Another BLM Activist Arrested! Look What For This Time!

Two BLM activists are charged with an 18-count indictment including wire-fraud associate with another charitable group, conspiracy and making false statements to a mortgage company. It comes after BLM has faced on-going controversy over a worrying lack of financial transparency.

Monica Cannon-Grant, 41 and her husband Clark Grant, 38, allegedly used chunks of the funds they collected for their non-profit organization Violence in Boston, which amounted to around $1m in total, to splash out on meals at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., hotels, car rental, nail salon treatments, and vacation travel.

Cannon-Grant’s yearly salary mysteriously sky-rocketed from $25,000 in 2020 to $170,000 in 2021, and the charity leader allegedly paid herself a cool $2,700 a week.

Last year, she dished out for a luxurious $450,000 five-bed house in Taunton, Massachusetts.

A prominent BLM activist who regularly made public speeches on the group’s behalf, Cannon-Grant founded the charity Violence for Boston in 2017, but like many small, African-American based orgnizations, funding and attention rose significantly after the controversial killing of George Floyd in 2020.

The allegations made against Cannon-Grant and her husband include the pair using a $6000 donation to their cause from Suffolk District Attorney’s office in 2019 which was supposed to help fund a camp for youths at risk of falling into a criminal lifestyle; Read more

2 thoughts on “Another BLM Activist Arrested! Look What For This Time!”

  1. Greed pure greed, very few can handle someone else money, sounds like our politicians a whole bunch of both sides of the isle.l

  2. Remember, George Floyd committed suicide by intentional consuming illegal drugs he had on him to avoid getting caught with them since the police had the authority to search him since he was on parole/probation. The officers did not cause his death. Even during the officers’ trials the prosecutors and pathologist downplayed the lethal amount of illegal drugs in his body. Learn the real facts.

    The people who created “BLM” are typical “Left” who use others to make money for themselves while pretending to help others. Look past the rhetoric to the actions. Groups like “BLM” and “AntiFA” have done nothing but harm and destruction to communities.

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