Another BLM Activist Arrested! Look What For This Time!

Two BLM activists are charged with an 18-count indictment including wire-fraud associate with another charitable group, conspiracy and making false statements to a mortgage company. It comes after BLM has faced on-going controversy over a worrying lack of financial transparency.

Monica Cannon-Grant, 41 and her husband Clark Grant, 38, allegedly used chunks of the funds they collected for their non-profit organization Violence in Boston, which amounted to around $1m in total, to splash out on meals at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., hotels, car rental, nail salon treatments, and vacation travel.

Cannon-Grant’s yearly salary mysteriously sky-rocketed from $25,000 in 2020 to $170,000 in 2021, and the charity leader allegedly paid herself a cool $2,700 a week.

Last year, she dished out for a luxurious $450,000 five-bed house in Taunton, Massachusetts.

A prominent BLM activist who regularly made public speeches on the group’s behalf, Cannon-Grant founded the charity Violence for Boston in 2017, but like many small, African-American based orgnizations, funding and attention rose significantly after the controversial killing of George Floyd in 2020.

The allegations made against Cannon-Grant and her husband include the pair using a $6000 donation to their cause from Suffolk District Attorney’s office in 2019 which was supposed to help fund a camp for youths at risk of falling into a criminal lifestyle; Read more