WATCH: Unhinged Liberal Goes Mental Over Gas Prices

These people vote and raise children. Just remember that the next time you think we share a country and can get along in peace forever. We can’t, and something will have to give.

In embarrassingly bizarre fashion, one self-described Biden supporter can be seen taking a selfie video while running around hysterically as he pans in on the alarmingly high fuel prices in California. This might win the prize for most tragically hilarious video of the day. Tragic because fools like him exist but hilarious because if we can’t laugh at our country’s death spiral we will get hopeless really fast.

9 thoughts on “WATCH: Unhinged Liberal Goes Mental Over Gas Prices”

  1. Hey, DUFUS, you voted for the BUFFOON, that consciously created this mess, now, we are all suffering from your IGNORANCE!
    Miss Trump, yet?

  2. Send the bill to President Brainless aka: BIDEN!!….Wake up people to who the enemy is!!…It’s the DEM’S!!

  3. Typical Lib, can’t see through his hate-fogged brain to see that prices jumped when BIDEN cancelled leases, drilling permits and Keystone on day 1, and they kept going up. If we are producing our own fuels we can charge what we want, now we have to BUY it from our ENEMIES!

  4. Martin Faehner

    Is that person so slow that he can’t understand that it isn’t Vlad that is the problem, it is his hero CHINA JOE. When Joe took over my gas was 1.89/gal, now it 4.00 or 5.00 a gallon. Gas was a buck higher Before the Ukraine invasion. That Putts forgets that Joe and his Green friends have killed or shut down pipelines, drilling on Federal land, new pipelines. It doesn’t make any sense to drill a new well if you don’t have a way to bring the product to a refinery for seperation into various grades of gas and diesel. If I can’t afford to buy gas how can I afford to buy a new electric vehicle. Hasn’t anyone done the math and determined on an apple to apple approach how much it costs to drive 300 miles for a tank of gas vs the same distance for an all electric vehicle. Don’t blame Vlad, your problem here in America is #46, your hero, China Joe.

  5. Damn fool voted for this piece of crap, where were you when the votes are counted, i still think the only way Biden got elected was by illigal means and Joe Biden has a 50 year history of failure, how many times doesit take cancell someone who never been right on issues?l

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