Breaking: A New Nation May Now Invade the Ukraine

Though Russia has drawn the lion’s share of the attention in its invasion of the Ukraine, with Putin’s armored fists smashing toward Kiev and surrounding Mariupol while also pushing up from the south, Putin’s Russian Federation might not be the only threat that the Ukrainians are facing.

That’s because, as Fox News reported, Russian ally Belarus might join in the invasion and open a new front in a war that’s already stretching Ukrainian defenses to the breaking point. As that outlet reports:

In a statement shared to Facebook, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense said there were signs that suggested the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus were preparing for a “direct invasion” of Ukrainian territory.

[…]The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine assessed that the threat level was high for “an offensive from the Republic of Belarus in the Volyn direction,” according to Ukrainian online newspaper Pravda. 

The statement added a bit of bluster, saying that “The direct involvement of Belarusian troops in the Russian armed aggression against Ukraine, contrary to the will of the military and the vast majority of the Belarusian people, will become a fatal mistake of Alexander Lukashenko.Read more

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  1. Ukraine and NATO are for the new world order and Russia is not and has warned he would fight to force NATO to abide by their promises they have broken over and over not to take any country on Russia’s border into NATO. Well they lied but Putin didn’t. Biden has now stated that there will be a new world order and made Putin’s concern for his nation a fact. Putin does not want to be a part of a new world order and knows that his nation surrounded by NATO is being placed in danger of a take over to force them to join a one nation under liberal elites control. We better pay attention to just what IS going on and not the propaganda our MSM is spreading. Putin may be evil according to liberals but remember, he protected his nations children from being taught to be gay, bi-sexual or trans, he refused to allow Muslim’s to enter his nation and make demands, no go zones or start up training camps for terrorist even though the UN and NATO tried to force him to do so. Putin put’s the well being of his nation above the desires of elites to rule the world.

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