Video: Man Body Slams Shoplifters At Walgreens – The Police Told The Good Samaritan He Could Be Charged For…

A dude who witnessed some brazen shoplifting at a Walgreens store in Alameda on Saturday decided to take matters into his own hands and tackle the guy, claiming citizen’s arrest.

The entire situation was caught on camera.

Witnessing what appears to be shoplifting at Walgreens isn’t exactly uncommon in the San Francisco Bay Area these days.

But what is uncommon is seeing a customer step in to stop the crime themselves. The man requested he only be referred to by his first name of Kevin.

“This is a time you can make an impact, make this happen,” Kevin said. “I see him leaving the store, and I threw him to the ground.”

The altercation, which happened on a Saturday afternoon, quickly escalated.

The guy starts calling out for his friend over in a getaway vehicle, and Kevin says he thought the guy was “fibbing” about having a friend. But, no, another guy comes up, and Kevin takes him on too, throwing him on the ground.

Kevin lost his shoes during the struggle.

Both suspects ran to the getaway car nearby.

Watch the video here