Here Are The 3 Things Joe Biden Does Better Than Every President Including President Trump!

1. Gun Sales

Who wouldn’t want to own a gun in Biden’s America? If you thought Obama sold a lot of guns think again. Joe Biden gets the award for the best gun salesman of all President’s. According to Newsweek, “The number of gun sales and background checks completed in President Joe Biden’s first year in office is nearing the combined numbers done during the first years for former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama.”

2. Money Laundering

The U.S. is often seen as an ideal location for traffickers to launder their profits. Around $300 billion in dirty money is laundered in the country each year, according to the Treasury Department. At least one-third is related to illicit drug proceeds tied mostly to Colombian and Mexican cartels. $1.5 billion of that came from Joe Biden’s son Hunter which was taken as bribes from China. Don’t forget 10% goes to the big guy. If there is something this family is great at it’s staying out of jail. Perhaps only Hillary Clinton can top them in the category.

3. Get’s Along Better With Terrorists

The Taliban have access to over $85 billion worth of military equipment due to the Biden administration’s “negligence”.

“We now know, that due to the negligence of “President Joe Biden’s” administration, the Taliban now have access to over $85 billion worth of American military equipment,” a veteran of the 20-year war in Afghanistan, said.

Let’s not forget Biden’s deals wth the terrorist nation of Iran. Joe Biden certainly thrashes President Trump in this category as well.

It may be a bit harsh to call out Biden for all these things. Joe Biden has been known to fix some things in America, starting with the election!

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