WATCH: President Trump Drops Huge F-Bomb On John Kerry During Live Rally!

I love how leftists call Trump supporters “cultists”… When they believe in fake climate change with 50 years of failed predictions and junk science, 75 different gender types and biological men getting to take gold medals from women.

More People need to realize that Green New Deal, Build Back Better, Great Reset has nothing to do with the climate. It has everything to do with Socialism,. Marxism and Communism. It’s about destroying American Exceptionalism!

The Great Reset AKA New World Order is about taking down all western countries and transforming them into **** holes like third world, totalitarian run countries. Elitist Globalists are insane with their money and power. God may not tolerate ths for much longer.

Watch President Trump drop the F-Bomb on “Biden’s Green Energy Czar John Kerry” during the massive rally this weekend below:

4 thoughts on “WATCH: President Trump Drops Huge F-Bomb On John Kerry During Live Rally!”

  1. Kerry, et al, are pushing climate change because they have a vested interest in it. Biden and his cokehead son own millions in lithium mines, hence the push to bankrupt the oil industry. Miserable, greedy bastards!

  2. Trump was the very best president.
    He’d better be careful choosing such words though.
    It’s possible to turn off many people with such language.

  3. Kerry will be trying to hide, at the moment, because of his Stepson, his, Hunter, and Joe Biden`s, INVESTMENTS, in the BIO-Weapons Labs. in Ukraine. Also their involvement with the Neo-Nazis [Azov Brigade] in Ukraine

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