Breaking: Prominent Democrat Politian Has Attempted Suicide (VIDEO)

Due to the recent stress in her life, Democrat hopeful Abby Broyles has said, “On the morning of March 2nd, I made the attempt to take my life, but thankfully, God had greater plans for me. I am currently undergoing mental health treatment for severe anxiety and dependency on alcohol to cope.”

Democrat Abby Broyles was running for the 5th District congressional race. That is until she was at a young girls’ slumber party last month. While at the slumber party, Ms. Broyles allegedly got drunk and started yelling at the girls.

At one point, Ms. Broyles allegedly called one girl with a health issue an “acne f***er.” The girl, so degraded, left the room in tears. Abby then proceeded to go on a racist rant, calling another girl a “Hispanic f****er.” It is unclear if another girl tried to stick up for her friends, but Broyles called her a “judgy f****er.”

Sarah Matthews, a mother of one of the girls at the slumber party, took her frustrations to Twitter. Read more

Finally, on March 24th, Broyles made the following statement: 

Broyles said Thursday, “Last month, I made a mistake I deeply regret.

“As I admitted, I mixed alcohol and a medication I’d never taken before while under the same roof as a group of young women who looked up to me, and for that, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. A mother whom I’ve never met, went to Twitter and the media five days later to make accusations that not only go against my core values and beliefs, but are falsely accusatory. The moment the news became public, I received countless repulsive messages, right-wing social media attacks, and death threats that have led to me feeling unsafe in my own home.”

Broyles’ statement did not specify which accusations were false.

6 thoughts on “Breaking: Prominent Democrat Politian Has Attempted Suicide (VIDEO)”

  1. 1PatriotForever

    So, sure lets put her in office, because that is not a mental health issue, that is a Spiritual Health Issue and she is spiritually dead. There is no cure for that accept Christ and trust me, Democrats think less of Christ than they do you or Trump.

  2. Broyles needs to become speaker of the house. Pelosi is an Old Alcoholic Leftist whereas with Broyles, congress would get a fresh faced drunk who would no doubt continue the DNC’s destruction of America if not the free world.
    Maybe Biden can talk her out of rehab and to transition to be his new son to replace Hunter?
    Ah yes – “Change we can believe in”

  3. That is the TRUE opinions, of that Racist B* tch! Really BELONGS in the Democrat Crime Syndicate. They are ALL Racists, Fascists, and Nazis

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