Portland Woman Goes Berserk When She Sees this Pro-Trump Apparel. Guess Who the Flight Attendants Sided With [VIDEO]

If there’s one thing you can wear that will, without even a shadow of doubt, set off a looney leftist, it’s a piece of Trump gear.

They hated Romney and McCain for standing up (however weakly) to their hero, St. Obama, despised George W. Bush, calling him Hitler, and certainly weren’t big fans of Ronald Reagan. But the bad orange man is the one they despise most of all: he’s the one that actually stood up to them and exposed them as the shrieking lunatics that they really are.

Well, one man, a guy on an airplane who was unfortunately seated next to just such a looney leftist, found that out the hard way.

He, just sitting in his seat and minding his own business while wearing a Trump shirt, was sitting next to an obviously far-left woman from Portland. She, upon seeing his shirt, freaked out and started harassing him, with the incident eventually escalating into one that involved the flight attendants.

The guy in the Trump shirt wisely recorded the incident, watch it here:

That’s right, the flight attendants sided with the Trump supporter over the looney lib! Of course, they should have–he was well within his rights to wear a shirt that supports a president of the United States–but, still, it’s great to see that they actually sided with the conservative over the ranting and raving liberal woman. Read more


3 thoughts on “Portland Woman Goes Berserk When She Sees this Pro-Trump Apparel. Guess Who the Flight Attendants Sided With [VIDEO]”

  1. dennis homolka

    Good for the airlines! finally they utilized common sense! we had an old drunk that use to work for us on the farm and he use to tell my brother when my brother would tease him, “If you dont start nothing, there wont be anything” this would be a good rule for this woman and all others that insist on starting crap over their beliefs!

  2. Amen glad to see this young fellow did not say a word she buried herself. I feel for her husband sory for your loss.

  3. I am very surprised that the Flight Attendent sided with the young man, very happy though. This woman with her liberal attitude only showed she could insult anyone and then try and garner sympathy when told she would have to get off the plane. Sorry, lady but next time, keep your mouth closed and keep your liberal attitudes to yourself…that young man wasn’t harming you.

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