This Isn’t Satire – Volodymyr Zelensky Claims the Way Europe Can Stop the Russian Invasion Is If They Go Green (Video)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Danish parliament on Tuesday.

He said that the Russian siege of the port city of Mariupol was a “crime against humanity”. “What Russian soldiers are doing in Mariupol is a crime against humanity, which is actually happening before the eyes of the entire planet,” he told the Danish parliament in a video address.

Zelensky alleged that Russian forces blew up civilians despite knowing they were hiding in the shelters. The president’s remarks came after Ukrainian and Russian negotiators held one-on-one talks in Istanbul.

Then, his speech took an unexpected turn. Immediately after telling of the horrors his people are facing at the hands of Russian troops, he started talking about climate change.

“Long before this war, it was clear that humanity should reduce the use of fossil fuels,” he said. “The era of coal and oil has caused huge damage to the environment, to our planet as a whole. Green technologies and green energy have become a logical and just answer to this challenge.”

He believes — or at least he’s been told to echo the sentiment — that Russia’s invasion was made possible by Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels. His solution: Go green and make Russia go away. That’s it. That’s the message.

“European policy is already aimed at reducing the consumption of environmentally hazardous resources,” he continued. “But Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and against everything that life in Europe is built on is an argument to accelerate green transformation on the continent.”

You can watch the video here