GRAPHIC: Police Fatally Shoot Bride’s Uncle At Wedding Reception – Chaos Ensues (Video)

Winter Park police have released body camera video of the circumstances that led to a man being shot and killed at a wedding in Winter Park.

Daniel Knight, the bride’s uncle, is seen surrounded by other guests at the Winter Park Events Center on Morse Boulevard.

Winter Park police got a 911 call from the city’s new events center Feb. 19.

“I have a very irate, drunk guest. He’s trying to beat people up. He’s yelling,” the 911 caller said.

Two officers responded and were directed to Daniel Knight, 39, who was reportedly battering guests at his niece’s wedding.

As officers approached, police say Knight’s sisters were trying to calm him.

Women’s voices can be heard on the video telling the officers, “he’s OK, he’s OK, he’s OK. He’s our brother. It’s his first wedding.”

Knight appears agitated and the officers separate Knight from a woman they say he pulled in front of himself as they try to encourage him to step away and talk with them.

Knight doesn’t comply and also ignores an order to put his hands behind his back.

From Officer 1’s body camera, Knight is then seen punching Officer 1 in the head which knocked him to the ground.

Police say Officer 1 was left unconscious.

With Officer 1 down, Officer 2 deploys his taser at Knight but it has no effect.

Knight then punches Officer 2 in the head, knocking him to the ground and police say Knight continues to strike that officer in the head after the officer is down.

At that point, the body camera video from Officer 2 shows him roll over and discharge his firearm seven times at Knight, striking and killing him.

Witnesses are heard screaming and telling police to call for an ambulance.

“Do something now! Do something,” one man screams.

Officers are seen beginning CPR on Knight.

“You didn’t have to f—— shoot him,” one woman screams.

WATCH (warning: graphic video)