Listen To Lynyrd Skynyrd Praise Gov. DeSantis In New Hit Song “Sweet Florida”

Almost everyone knows Lynyrd Skynrd’s classic song “Sweet Home Alabama” well the band has a new song but this time they are singing about the great state of Florida.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is receiving an exclusive song dedication from music legends the Van Zant brothers in recognition of his leadership.

The song “Sweet Florida,” penned by Johnny Van Zant, lead vocalist of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and his brother Donnie Van Zant of 38 Special, celebrates DeSantis’ efforts to keep Florida free from Democrat control.

The Van Zant brothers, who were both born in Jacksonville, said DeSantis represents everything they believe in.

Gov. DeSantis discusses Disney’s “woke agenda” and the Van Zant Brothers’ song tribute.

Fox News had more details on the band’s new song:

“He stands up for what he believes. So don’t come down here trying to change things we’re doing all right in the Sunshine State. Stay out of our business. Leave our governor alone. Down in sweet, sweet Florida our governor is red, white and blue…he’s shooting us straight, telling us the truth.”

Johnny continued to say that DeSantis called him and announced he was running for governor for another term. He then took the opportunity to discuss writing a special song in honor of the Florida governor’s hard work.

“We really wrote it…in a couple of hours, and we recorded it on an iPhone and sent it to the governor,” Van Zant explained. “We’ve never done that before…and we took a chance.”

DeSantis suggested a song about his state modeled on the Lynyrd Skynyrd hit “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Listen to the song here:

In the last several week Democrats all across the country have bashed DeSantis over his new parental rights bill which wrongly has been deemed as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Read more

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  1. I wished before they recorded the song, they would have tried other lyrics for the title other than “Sweet Florida”, and since most people from the east coast to central areas of the USA love to vacation in and live in Florida when they retire, I think the words of “Sweet Living Florida” would have sounded better and been more appropriate. So, I think they should create another song that is about living in Florida, other than about DeSantis, which I like what was written as a campaign song for my favorite Governor but would like to hear a song like “Sweet Alabama” that is just about living in Florida also.

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