LOL: CNN’s New Boss Just Shredded Brian “The Potato” Stelter

Things aren’t looking good for CNN’s resident Mr. Potatohead, Brian Stelter. Reports have been circling for months now that he’ll be fired when the new leadership of CNN takes over, he just got humiliated by a college kid when trying to look like a very serious person at the University of Chicago, and CNN’s trying to take a turn from opinion trash of the sort he represents toward real, unbiased news.

As if all that weren’t bad enough, new rumors are circulating that the largest shareholder of Discover, which now owns CNN, utterly destroyed Stelter when talking about him and his show during an informal board meeting. Here’s that rumor:

“SOURCE: At a recent (informal) Discovery Board meeting (largest shareholder) John Malone referred to CNN’s Brian Stelter as a “cancer” and a “Zucker Henchman” that has “a failing show” – (more to come)…

Malone, as you might remember, is the same board member who used CNN’s early coverage of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine as an example of what type of coverage he wanted to see out of the network: more facts and fewer foolish opinions from the likes of people like Stelter. Nicosia tweeted about that too, saying:

SOURCE: John Malone, Discovery’s board member will “play a huge role in the new organization’s plans to return @CNN to its news channel roots and dismantle the partisan organization Zucker shifted it into” They continue: “This will mean a large realignment of staff”

SOURCE UPDATE: “Malone is using CNN’s coverage of Ukraine as an example of the news network he wants back. Excellent journalists, covering events without partisan peacocking” Read more