Trump said it was true he had told advisers that his health would factor into whether he would run again in 2024 but that he was currently in good health.

“You always have to talk about health. You look like you’re in good health, but tomorrow, you get a letter from a doctor saying come see me again. That’s not good when they use the word again,” he said.

That’s not the first comment about how Trump’s health might change his 2024 decision. Reverend Franklin Graham, discussing it in an interview with Axios, said:

I think for him, everything will depend on his health at that time. If he still has energy and strength like he does. I don’t.

Graham added that “You know the guy does not eat well, you know, and it’s amazing the energy that he has“, but followed that up by adding “He’s lost weight, fifteen pounds, Maybe. So he might be in good health and in good shape. I don’t know.Read more