OOF: More Bad News for Biden

Things aren’t going great for Team Biden or for Biden himself; turns out, being a demented leftist isn’t great for you or the country you’re supposedly running. Shocker.

In any case, things just took a turn for the even worse for him, both on the legal front and the electoral situation front.

Beginning with the legal front, rock-ribbed conservative Senator Ron Johnson took to Hannity to discuss that and, during the Hannity appearance he said that the Biden “dam is breaking.” In his words:

Well, the only problem with the special counsel appointed by Merrick Garland is, I wouldn’t have any faith in them. Part of the — one of the problems with the special counseling, if we could find one with integrity, I’d love to see it. But the problem is the information then goes into a dark hole. We have as high integrity as I think John Durham is. Look at how long it’s taken him to get the information out. We were denied access to the information during the John Durham probe. So there’s a real problem with special counsel.”

Fortunately, you have people like Tony Bobulinski, like Mr. Mac Isaac, who, you know, offered up that laptop. You’ve got some investigative reporters like yourself, John Solomon, The New York Post, that are exposing this. And now, the media is — as I refer to it as a modified limited hangout. They learned well from their Watergate coverage. They’re giving you a little truth as a mea culpa to cover their behinds. But I think the dam is breaking. I think more and more — this information is just undeniable. And, you know, the fact that we’ve proven Joe Biden to be a liar, why would you believe anything he says on this subject at all?

Yes, I think the American public deserves the truth. The media is not providing it to them. Senator Grassley and I have tried to, but as I’ve said in the past, you know, we don’t know all the details of these of this vast web of financial entanglements on the Bidens, but there’s millions of transactions more. And I’ll tell you who does know it, though — Chinese intelligence, Russian intelligence, and I think sadly elements within our federal law enforcement and our intelligence agencies also know it, but they’re just not going to tell you.

So yeah, things aren’t going too great for Biden on the Hunter Biden front; in fact, it looks like things are going quite poorly. Read more