Photos: Elaborate, Staged Photoshoots In The Middle Of A War Zone Are Impossible Yet Here’s Zelensky Making One

What bogus bullshit! This whole Ukrainian debacle has been a sham. Full of smoke and mirrors. I understand innocent’s get hurt, happens in any conflict sadly. 

Put on your thinking caps and examine all of the facts. Russian troops movements, biolab locations, the genocide in Donbass (Region in Eastern Ukraine) for the last several decades, the existence of the Nazi Azov Battalion, all of the theatrics by Zelensky and others, the proven fake photos and videos. Examine all the info critically and make an informed decision. Putin may not be the bad guy here…

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky explained to CBS’ “60 Minutes” in an interview broadcast Sunday why he chose not to flee Ukraine when Russian forces launched their invasion of the country on Feb. 24.

Driving the news: “When everyone is telling you, you need to go, you need to think. Before I do something, I analyze the situation. I’ve always done it calmly, without any chaos,” Zelensky told CBS’ Scott Pelley in the interview via an interpreter. “I might not be the strongest warrior. But I’m not willing to betray anyone.”

He said he explained to his wife and children that he had to stay because he’s the president of Ukraine and they supported his decision.

The bottom line: Pelley put it to Zelensky that he made a decision to give his life for his country if it came to that.

Zelensky replied: “I don’t want to make myself out to be a hero. I love my family. I want to live many more years, but choosing between running or being with my people, of course I’m ready to give my life for my country.”

Video below:

Apparently, Zelensky is now doing “war photoshoots,” and we got a glimpse at what happens behind the scenes, and I have to say, many people are very disturbed by the “production value” of all of it.
However, elaborate, staged photoshoots in the middle of a war zone seem incredibly odd to me.

Check out the 100% staged photos here