Joy Behar Drops a Bomb about Whoopi

While the cackling hens on The View don’t really matter all that much given how vapid they are, their less than insightful comments and far-left viewpoints are so infuriating that any news about even one of them being gone, even if only for a bit, is good news for those of us that prefer to not get migraines when checking Twitter and seeing a The View clip pop up.

Thankfully, Joy Behar just made a big announcement about Whoopi Goldberg, the Holocaust-minimizing co-host who only recently came back from a short exile following her Holocaust comments.

According to Behar, Whoopi’s gonna be missing a while because she’s making a movie. While it’s not great that Whoopi will be in the culture generally because of her movie role, at least it means one of the farthest-left View hosts (and that’s saying a lot) will be off the air for a bit.

Speaking on that, Behar said:

If you’re wondering where Whoopi is, the girl’s got a movie she’s making.

“And she will be back when she finishes whatever she’s doing. So she’s gone for a while.

“Gone for a while” is nowhere near as good as “gone for good” but it’s stil better than her appearing on the program and doing her best to seem far to the left of Karl Marx and AOC’s spawn each and every time she opens her mouth.

And what movie decided to bring Whoopi aboard? The Hollywood Reporter provides a bit of context on that question, saying:

“Amazon Studios’ series adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys has added Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg to its cast.

“[…]Goldberg will pay Bird Woman, the god of birds and one of the story’s primary antagonists. She and the other newly cast actors will play gods who make up the World Before Time — a place where the animals are gods who still walk and that’s full of beauty, magic and danger. Read more

5 thoughts on “Joy Behar Drops a Bomb about Whoopi”

  1. Think About It !

    Come on, man… don’t fall for the BS. Ten bucks says she will be gone for good. Joy “might” be next! Either way… won’t be sad to see either one of them go!

  2. Each one of those anti America Racist shanks should be in a dark damp prison with no food, medical care. Much like the innocent people who are holed up in a DC jail for the Jan 6 protest where the Capitol cops escorted them in to the PEOPLES house and the terrorist aka Democrats had them locked away because they (the demtards) are afraid of TRUMP!

  3. Who cares???!!!
    Nothing said on that dog and pony show is worth watching. OMGosh….you’d have to have mush for brains to listen to all that methane.

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