Obama And Clinton Megadonor Sentenced For Horrific Crimes!

A high-profile, big-spending Democrat donor, was sentenced to thirty years in a federal prison for his role in distributing illegal drugs that resulted in the deaths of two people. It should be noted that those two deaths were of black men. Black Lives Matter, right?

Ed Buck was found guilty on nine counts of drug-related charges last summer, including distributing methamphetamines that led to the fatal overdoses. As prosecutors revealed, there was a disgusting layer of perversion and manipulation in what amounted to a significantly large operation.

Buck was a well-known contributor within Democrat circles. Over the years, he has funded far-left radicals in California including clueless Representative Ted Lieu, the evil and corrupt governor Gavin Newsom, and even presidential candidates like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. All told, he gave to more than 40 California office holders and has filled DNC coffers to the tune of over $500,000. He was equally prolific in LGBTQ circles.

Several outlets also reported the insidious role of drug distribution entailed a quid pro quo; Buck would provide drugs in return for sexual favors. The Daily Wire noted:

“Buck had been exchanging drugs for sexual favors, which led to the overdose deaths of two black men in his West Hollywood, California, apartment. NBC News reported that prosecutors sought a life sentence for Buck, noting that he preyed on the vulnerable to fulfill his sexual fetish.”

Fox News mentioned this as well, writing:

“Prosecutors say Buck used his position of power to manipulate male victims into participating in sexual fetishes that involved injecting them with meth.” Read more