INSANE: Race-Hustlers Run Out Of Real Racism, Accuse The Impossible!

Hat tip to American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson for bringing a local Arizona story national prominence. In the uber-wealthy and racially white enclave of Scottsdale, corporate male hacks and wine moms without meaning in life failed in their virtue signal on a grandiose scale.

Lifson writes:

“Two diversity advocates in the Scottsdale, Arizona school district were so eager to find racism lurking in a (highly successful) fundraiser that’s [sic] they accused a black DJ hired for the event of wearing blackface. Evidently, the costume and/or hairstyle of the SJ at the 70s-themed event triggered them somehow to accuse Koko Hunter, second from the right in the photo below, of the sin of racial impersonation of an African American via blackface.”

As bad as this sounds, it is actually much worse. The Daily Mail noted that not only did these clowns vociferously complain before doing their basic homework, they did so rudely and with the arrogant self-assurement that only a braindead leftist could muster. Unfortunately, we do not have a copy of the email, but here is how The Daily Mail wrote about the communication:

Jill Lassen and Stuart Rhoden, who advocate for diversity at the Scottsdale Unified School District in various capacities, wrote scathing letters of complaint after DJ Kim Koko Hunter appeared at a PTA event, and they mistook him for a white man.

And, if this story weren’t bad enough already, one of the accusers – the black guy, no less – essentially doubled down on his original. The Daily Mail covered his apology via Facebook post:

“In a Facebook post last week, he apologized to ‘dude’ for the mistake, only to then double-down and suggest that Hunter was wearing makeup to make himself look darker.

‘Let me be clear, a Black man, apparently in Black face is an entirely different discussion than a White person. However I did not state that the person was White. Read more