This Is A Democratic Nightmare…

Democrats are facing a nightmare scenario with six months to go before the midterm elections. A majority of their base doesn’t know that their party is losing support with one of their major constituent groups, Hispanic voters.

Hispanics. They are rapidly becoming Republicans.

Their problems are compounded with President Biden failing miserably, as shown in recent polling. In response, leftists are spending a lot of time on defense, trying to shift the blame for Inflation, immigration, the war in Ukraine, and the still-lingering COVID-19 pandemic to former President Trump. This makes for a depressing political atmosphere for President Biden’s party.

Statistically, the Democrats also have history against them. When a sitting president’s approval numbers are well below 50%, his party loses seats in the first midterms during his presidency.

Democrats have experienced some really bad past midterm results, still visible in their rearview mirrors. The party’s support collapsed during the first midterm elections of President Clinton and President Obama. In 1994, with Clinton in the White House, Democrats lost a net 54 House seats. In 2010, under Obama, they lost 63 seats.

Just like what happened over at CNN+, those who live in radical political bubbles, white progressives, are making decisions unaware of what the American landscape really consists of. CNN’s new platform was rejected by America and is closing after only one month since it launched. after spending $300 million dollars.

These same white liberals have for years pushed the narrative that the GOP was too extreme on immigration enforcement, insisting wrongly, that Hispanic citizens wanted open borders, and have softened on their religious and social issues views. Read more