Photos: Days After Elon’s “Twitter Takeover” Something Very Mysterious Is Happening On The Platform

Conservative users who have been long oppressed on the platform for their so-called “hate speech” are making a triumphant return and even big names like Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin are popping back up on the site.

Back in March, after Twitter suspended the Babylon Bee for “hateful conduct,” which was just a harmless joke about transgender US Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine winning the site’s 2022 “Man of the Year” award, they also banned Tucker for supporting both Babylon Bee and Charlie Kirk, who pointed out that Levine had “spent 54 years of his life as a man.”

It got so bad, that conservatives couldn’t even grow their accounts anymore. They’d lose tons of followers each week and would hardly gain any back.

This has been going on for ages. Everyone assumed it was some screwed-up algorithm that stifled conservative growth and reaches.

But now something very mysterious is happening!

Just two days after Elon’s takeover, that bizarre problem magically disappeared and has been replaced by a BOUNTY of new followers everywhere.

Definitely something bizarre happening with the Twitter algorithm impacting follower counts over the past 24-48 hours. A few examples:

Tucker Carlson
+62,083 (today)
Joe Rogan
+63,313 (48 hours)
Donald Trump. Jr
+87,296 (today)
Ted Cruz
+51,405 (today)

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