No Riots??? Cops Mistaken Vape Pen For Weapon, Shoot And Kill Distressed Man (Video)

The Maricopa Police Department has released body camera footage of a man who was shot and killed by police back in March.

The footage shows the moments leading up to and when Maricopa officers shot and killed a man they believed was armed with a gun. It happened a month ago in a neighborhood near Mac Neil Street and Sanders Way. Officers later learned 56-year-old Lawrence Knudsen was holding a vape pen in one hand and a cellphone in the other. Knudsen was not armed at the time of the shooting.

Check out the video here

3 thoughts on “No Riots??? Cops Mistaken Vape Pen For Weapon, Shoot And Kill Distressed Man (Video)”

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    Oh Yes, let’s not forget that the man was white & only Black Lives Matter, because only white people are racist.

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  2. WHAT! NO Riots? Oh wait, he’s a white male, probably a conservative! When will (ALL) people learn, when a Police Officer stays to drop what’s in your hand and get down? Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! Run from the Police, win stupid prizes! Tragic loss of life, but, IF he would have obeyed the Officers, he’d still be sucking up the good air on the earth!

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