Video: “Racist” Black High School Student Beats Fellow Student For Speaking Spanish

Two young Venezuelans, Isabella Palma and Antonella Belsitoliving in New Albany, Franklin County, Ohio were riding the school bus to school while they spoke to each other in Spanish. According to them and other witnesses, a high school classmate began to insult them for not communicating in English.

As he got off the bus, other students began recording the situation. Faced with the student’s insults, the young Venezuelan woman began to tell her what her problem was and tried to persuade her to stop bothering them.

“You are being very immature. You want me to fight you right now and make believe that I am the one attacking you. What’s wrong? What is your problem? Is that all your problem? It’s nothing serious. And you tell me to shut up? Wow, you’re a hypocrite,” the assaulted young woman is heard saying in the video.

Then, The girl who began with verbal aggression hits him on the head from behind and begins to hit anyone who approaches.

The father of one of the victims posted to his social media account:

“Last Thursday, April 14, in Columbus-Ohio, my daughter Isabella Palma and her friend Antonella Belsito were victims of a racist act when attacked from behind by another girl getting off the school bus just because the girls were speaking Spanish to each other on the bus. My daughter and her friend were savagely beaten by this girl to the point of causing bruises on their heads and several bruises on their arms and back, so we had to take them to an emergency medical center.”

WATCH (warning: graphic video)

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