Jim Jordan Proposes Perfect Solution for Biden’s Disinformation Board

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio sounded off on the new Biden “Disinformation Governance Board” during a recent appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria”.

Speaking about the Orwellian Disinformation Board and how the GOP can fight back against it, particularly after retaking power in November of 2022, suggesting that the GOP should use its power over the purse at that time to stop any funding for the board. In his words:

You write into the appropriations bill, no money in the appropriations for the Department of Homeland Security can be used for the Disinformation Governance Board which is going to limit the speech of the American people.

“That’s how. You write that into — as a rider on the appropriations bill, and you tell Chuck Schumer and you tell the White House, if the Republicans are in control of the House or in control of the full Congress, we’re not going to pass the appropriations bill unless that language is there. Because we’re going to protect the First Amendment.

That’s the only — that’s the leverage we have, and we’re going to have to be willing to use that, if, in fact, the American people put us back in control. Which, I think, frankly they’re getting ready to do.” Read more

4 thoughts on “Jim Jordan Proposes Perfect Solution for Biden’s Disinformation Board”

  1. How about they sue over violating our 1st amendment rights. Perhaps we need to send the Dems a copy of our Constitution and the amendments.

  2. They’ve done nothing about the due process violations of those held in DC jails or the erosion of criminal justice or non enforcement of immigration laws or our breached borders why would we expect this to be any different …. not one of them are for the people anymore, if they had stood with the people’s president Trump we wouldn’t be here right

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