Stacey Abrams Goes on Deranged Rant about Brian Kemp

The Georgia gubernatorial race is heating up and is looking like it will be a tough and bitter one, primarily because of how dire the situation in the Peach State will be if Stacey Abrams, a far-left candidate, wins.

While both Brian Kemp and David Perdue, the two GOP candidates currently battling it out in the primary, are relatively uninspiring candidates, either would be far, far better for the state than Stacey Abrams.

That’s because she’s so far to the left as to make Biden look like a moderate, as could be seen during her recent appearance on MSNBC’s “Deadline”. Asked by MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace “What are you hearing from voters as you campaign around the state?”, here’s what Abrams had to say:

They are deep[ly] concerned about Medicaid expansion and health care. We have seen recent hospitals shut down. It will happen again in a couple of days in the state of Georgia.

“It’s because we refused to accept  Medicare expansion dollars that could help half a million people with access to health care but also bring $3.5 billion of taxpayer money back to our state and create 64,000 jobs. People are concerned about housing prices, both affordability and inventory. And they’re deeply concerned about children.

Continuing and moving on from the topic of medial welfare to the culture war issues that currently dominate, Abrams accused Republicans of wanting to ban books and of perfecting “arms-length cruelty” against transgender kids, saying:

Yesterday, the governor signed a swath of bills that are designed to lie to our children. My parents raised me to believe that a lie of omission is a lie, nonetheless. Read more

6 thoughts on “Stacey Abrams Goes on Deranged Rant about Brian Kemp”

  1. I wonder if Stacey’s parents also taught her that to write soft porn novels wasn’t the best use of her God-given talents?

  2. Being a total nut case void of reality is a requirement for today’s liberal Politian’s and voters.
    There are very few adults with any common sense in the dem party anymore.

  3. This ole gal is a typical Democrat. Always bitching about how badly she was treated, she is a total hipicret. she will wine and bitch because she thinks she was elected to be gov. of Gerogia. people like her are dime a dozen.

  4. Truth is Stacey’s parents taught her to lie, directly, indirectly, and by omission. Only thing abut Abrams that is not a lie is her whale like figure

  5. Stacy and Hillary Clinton are partners both are first class bitchers liers. & haters only my way or highway.l

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