(Watch) “Bat-Sh!t Crazy”: One Aussie Broadcaster Lights Up the “Chronically Wrong” Joy Reid

At the mention of Joy Reid, I automatically cringe and laugh. She is a woman so unserious and delusional that it is no wonder her audience continues to abandon her with unmatched speed. Correction: CNN+ lost viewers at a quicker clip.

No matter, Reid is unhinged and unbearable. She views the entire world through the ridiculous trifecta of race, gender, and sexual orientation. White skin makes one evil, as does the natural world’s binary, heterosexual existence. She is insane.

Tucker Carlson, whom Reid obnoxiously refers to as Tuckums (why???), is one of the few brave media voices in America willing to call her out. Carlson has emerged as a rare equal-opportunity, populist voice, which makes him the enemy of the state and an obvious target for Reid.

Thankfully, like Carlson, the Australian-based Sky News offers programming that doesn’t pull punches either. And with the panache only a thickly-accented, quick-witted Aussie broadcaster could provide, one host in particular goes into hilarious depths to drag Reid’s derangement out into the wide open.

She nails her take on Reid. Just watch as she presents Reid on her “Lefties Losing It” segment: