Denmark Stops Covid-19 Shots After Showing No Reduction in Mortality

A new paper from researchers at mostly Danish institutes found that the M RNA COVID-19 vaccine made by Pfizer and Moderna did not cause a reduction in all-cause mortality in randomized controlled trials. Incidentally COVID-19 vaccines made with older technology which are considered the adenovirus vector vaccines, specifically Johnson and Johnson’s, had a lower overall all caused mortality. This adds to the questions about the basis for the vaccines and booster mandates for 10’s of millions of Americans.

The FDA’s former chief scientists Luciana Borio and the current advisor to pull off it recently stated that they were worried the US policy was headed for annual booster recommendations of the COVID-19 vaccine without any justification due to a lack of data. Dozens of scientists signed a letter to the top FDA official last week asking them to recommend assessments of T cells during the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials. This in addition to antibody response which is typically short lived. In the Pfizer and Moderna shots specifically antibody responses to the delta and omicron variants have been underperforming. Read more