Globalist Bill Gates Pushing For Global Health Surveillance

There are a handful of prominent, publically known, New World Order activists that just can’t help but be in front of a camera or crowd as often as possible.

One of them is Bill Gates, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, promoter of the Great Reset, and a well-known philanthropist. In addition, and unknown to a majority of the American population, Bill Gates is now the US’ biggest farmland owner.

Since stepping down as the CEO of Microsoft, Gates has been working on environmental and COVID-related projects. He has been given a voice on topics that he has no technical training or expertise in, but as with Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, their massive wealth earns them a seat at the table anyway.

Begin preparing now for the appearance of “even more fatal” variants of coronavirus in the future. That’s the advice Gates, who also warned on Sunday that international health surveillance driven by increased funding for the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) is one way to forestall pandemic outbreaks.

He told the Financial Times (FT) in an interview that the risk of that happening is “way above five percent” and would mean the world has yet to see the worst of the pandemic if his predictions are indeed correct.

The billionaire, worth an estimated $132B, did not want to sound “doom and gloom” but warned there was a risk that an “even more transmissive and even more fatal” variant could be generated.

Gates cautioned that while the war in Ukraine dominates the international agenda, global leaders should not lose sight of the health crisis, even as he hypocritically flies around the world on private jets lecturing world leaders about climate issues. Read more

2 thoughts on “Globalist Bill Gates Pushing For Global Health Surveillance”

  1. Bill. Gates and the rest of his globalism activists are enemies of humanity and freedom. I hope the worst fate befalls each of them.

  2. Why do they want to steal from the American people? You would think they had enough money to take care of them self’s and family. What is his plans for all the farms he owns? I don’t think he has any other than keeping real farmers from farming. The Lord put us here on earth and gave us the brains and resources to develop farms. We used to produce enough food to feed the world, now we can barely produce enough to feed our own population. Methane gas seems to be part of the problem polluting our air. Now they are suggesting killing off many of our live stock. Never thinking about all the other animals in our country and the world.

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