Whoopi Goldberg Just Made the Weirdest Claim Yet about Abortion

The leftists are going insane over the idea that they might no longer be able to murder babies in the womb, absolutely losing it in the wake of the leak of Alito’s abortion opinion.

One such looney liberal was Whoopi Goldberg, who went berserk during a rant on her show and made a ridiculous claim about abortion, as you can watch here:

As you can hear in the video, Whoopi, exploding over the decision in her usual, ridiculous manner, said:

This is my body and nobody, you know – you got people telling me I gotta wear a mask or don’t wear a mask or do this – everybody wants to tell me what to do. Read more

5 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg Just Made the Weirdest Claim Yet about Abortion”

  1. Whoopi Goldburg is following the radicul left and mostly wanting to air her grevence, most anything coming from this group is nothing more than noise. I wonder if there is anything important or newsl worthy coming from Holly wood?

  2. It looks like the child lost the vote 2 to 1 in Planned Parenthood democrat votes, millions of them! Hint to Dems: That’s why our founding fathers made this country a Republic which you are working so hard to destroy.

  3. Have you noticed that the pro-abortion crowd has given up the nonsense that what’s in the mother’s womb is not a “child?”

  4. ONE THING THAT HAS NEVER BEEN MENTIONED OR TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT IS THE FATHER. My son’s girlfriend got pregnant and decided to get an abortion. The state he lived in would not allow an abortion without the father’s consent. My son was willing to take full custody of the infant and raise the child. She went to another state and got an abortion. Fathers have no rights concerning their children…….

  5. Whoopie and the others of her ilk will burn in hell for eternity. We support life as God intended it.

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