SHOCKING VIDEO: Shoplifters Run Wild In This Left Run City

San Francisco has been in the news lately for a rash of shoplifters. A man in a camo jacket and a woman in a black jacket were seen taking products from the shelves in a local store. No one has seemed to be stopping the shoplifters as they take numerous products. This was just the beginning of a long line of shoplifting crimes.

The local Safeway has had to take drastic security measures to stop shoplifters. The grocery store has had to add security guards, security gates, and barriers before shoppers can enter to buy groceries. Read more

5 thoughts on “SHOCKING VIDEO: Shoplifters Run Wild In This Left Run City”

  1. When you need to stand in line, produce I.D. and are limited to what you can buy, the idiots in this part of the country will blame the stores and demand full state control of all retail business. Then maybe the people will become ‘woke’ enough to either get out or present their elected ‘representatives’ with an Alcatraz Ascot.

  2. Thank the brain dead lawless democrat voters and Politian’s who believe expecting people to obey laws is racist.

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