SHOCKING: Psaki Won’t Condemn Doxxing SCOTUS! [WATCH]

Another day, another example of Democrats in power making excuses for those in their party that are attempting to intimidate their political enemies into submission, whether through violence or threats of it.

Such was the case again yesterday, when Psaki refused to condemn those deranged Democrat activists that doxxed the Supreme Court justices, posting a map of their addresses online in a not so subtle hint about where they could be found if some abortion activist wanted to take “direct action” against them.

FNC White House correspondent Peter Doocy, predictably being the one to step up and ask Psaki the hard question of the day, asking her about the doxxing and the White House’s stance on it. Watch what happened here:

Yes, that’s real. According to the press briefing transcript provided by the White House, Peter Doocy asked: Read more

2 thoughts on “SHOCKING: Psaki Won’t Condemn Doxxing SCOTUS! [WATCH]”

  1. Bill Stephens

    Two things. First, why won’t Psaki answer the doxxing question instead of skirting the issue? That is totally out of line and should be taken as serious as the “leak” itself. If it isn’t criminal, it should be. Second, Psaki says women are scared, fearful of losing their rights about their bodies. People such as herself, Biden, and the mainstream media make it sound as if abortions will be banned forever. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Supreme Court ruling, if it goes through intact, will only send the abortion issue back to the individual states. In many states, there won’t be any effect at all. By not being completely up front about the issue, the democrat party is hoping that people, women especially, will forget about how badly Joe Biden’s administration has been handling the affairs of our country and vote strictly on the abortion issue.

  2. Jon Greenspon

    If it’s fair for someone to publish the home addresses of the Justices, just because of some perceived slight, then we should publish the addresses of every member of Congress..

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