ABC’s “The View” Gets Racist When Sunny Hostin Makes Offensive Claim about Black Republicans

Can a black American be a Republican?

A reasonable person would say “yes,” as Americans of any color can be fond of liberty, supportive of limited government, against the murder of the unborn, and in favor of not letting masses of migrants swamp our nation.

According to Sunny Hostin, one of the deranged, cackling hens on ABC’s “The View”, however, it’s impossible. In fact, according to her, the term “black Republican” is an “oxymoron”.

She made that ridiculous claim on Friday, making it during a segment on the new White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre and what some see as an impermissible conflict of interest between her and her partner, CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux.

That discussion about a relatively tame topic, a conflict of interest, soon escalated into an all-out war of words between the hosts, with Sunny Hostin losing it and saying that she couldn’t understand how blacks or latinos could possibly be Republicans.

That happened when, during the bickering over the conflict of interest, Hostin asked co-host Lindsey Granger “Are you a Republican?”

Granger, hedging by providing that she didn’t agree with everything Trump did and saying that she was “a black woman first,” said that she was a Republican. Read more

1 thought on “ABC’s “The View” Gets Racist When Sunny Hostin Makes Offensive Claim about Black Republicans”

  1. Thank God that all people, white, black, or Hispanic, aren’t like Sonny Hostin, or there would no longer be a USA, and probably would have never been, for the USA was founded on the principle that everyone was allowed their own beliefs and could choose how they wanted to live and what they could say, and that they were allowed to practice their own religion, not have to worship the state as Sonny Hostin would have us all do under socialism and/or communism.

    Sonny Hostin’s principles come from socialist and communist manifestoes, for what she is actually saying is that she believe blacks, Hispanics, and all people should act and want the same as she thinks they should, which is what is always required in a socialist or communist state.

    This is proven by how the people in Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and all other small socialist and communist states are forced and required to do exactly like socialist or communist state mandates their people should act and think.

    According to Sonny Hostin and all the socialist and communists of the world, nobody is allowed God’s gift of a “Free Will”, for Sonny Hostin and all socialists and communists believe there is no real God, and that people should not be allowed a “Free Will”, or any of the Creator’s unalienable endowed Rights, especially those listed in the US “Declaration of Independence”, or in our “Bill of Rights”, and that the “US Constitution” is a racist document, even though it warrants and guarantees all our rights and freedoms against the state and government from denying the American people those rights and freedoms.

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