Coffee with a Kick: Tens of Millions in Cocaine Found in Nespresso Coffee Shipment

The coffee on the streets nowadays must not be strong enough or have enough of a kick for the average consumer, as a Nespresso coffee shipment was just found to contain millions of dollars worth of cocaine.

That’s a joke, of course: cocaine is routinely shipped in crates containing coffee beans because the scent from the beans can throw off drug-sniffing dogs.

Regardless, it was in a coffee shipment that Swiss police found about 500 kilograms of cocaine, which works out to about half of a ton of the drug. The coffee beans were being shipped to a Nespresso plant and were, according to the police involved in seizing the shipment, meant for the European market.

The drugs were apparently discovered by workers in that Nespresso plant, who called the police to investigate after they started finding a mysterious white powder in the sacks of beans.

A police officer in Fribourg, a western Swiss canton which is where the Nespresso plant is located, described that fortuitous discovery, saying that the workers “found an undetermined white substance when they unloaded the freshly delivered sacks of coffee beans”.

After determining that the mystery powder was cocaine, they then searched the other shipping containers that had transported the beans from Brazil to Switzerland and found the remainder of the half-ton of cocaine, with it being relatively easy for the police to determine which containers to search because they had been delivered by train on the same day.

The Guardian adds that “The units containing the drugs were isolated, and the substance did not contaminate production at the plant,” so no one will get a fun surprise next time they buy a pack of Nespresso pods. Read more