Gaslighting America: Dem Hack Has Worst Biden Economy Take Yet

It wasn’t just abortion threats that Democrat strategist and partisan hack James Carville wanted to talk about when he appeared on CNN recently.

No, in addition to making a not so veiled threat directed at the GOP, saying that Democrats needed to teach Republicans to “fear” them, he also decided to gaslight America, claiming that Americans just don’t know how good they have it when it comes to the Biden economy and that the economy is doing great with Joe at the helm.

That utterly absurd take came when the host brought up how little faith Americans have in the Biden Administration to fix the economic issues ravaging the country and how poorly they think Biden is doing on economic issues, saying:

So mentioned a new CNN poll that found two-thirds of all Americans now disapprove of how President Biden specifically is handling the economy, two-thirds of all Americans. That’s bad.

“On top of that, more than 50% of Democrats think the economy is in poor shape, up 16 percentage points from December. Eighty-one percent of independents think the economy is in poor shape. These are all bad, no good numbers in this entire thing. How big of a problem is this for the president?

The two-thirds of the country and eighty-one percent of independents that aren’t all that pleased with the economic shape America is in numbers are bad, but the worst number there is that even half of Democrats think the economy is in bad shape. Even Biden’s party isn’t backing him on the economy! Read more

2 thoughts on “Gaslighting America: Dem Hack Has Worst Biden Economy Take Yet”

  1. That’s what dems always. Lie, make excuses and blame someone or something else (99% of the time it’s their favorite excuse, racism) while the senile communist is destroying the country

  2. I guess James Carville believes the American people are stupid, trying to convince us that the people who went back to work in Biden’s first 16 months were at jobs that he created, when in reality they were jobs that President Trump created, and the American were finally being allowed to get off of the Democrats lockdowns and go back to their jobs that, the Democrats had prevented them from doing, using the viral pandemic, that had a 99.4% recovery rate, as an excuse to stop the economy and put all those people out of work through a pandemic lockdown.

    How can this statement be proven? By knowing that the USA still has a few million less jobs today than it had when President Trump was in office. All these jobs that James Carville is claiming that Biden has created are actually jobs that had already existed, and the people were actually going back to, when the Democrats finally stopped the lockdowns when Trump was no longer President and Biden became President, and finally allowed the people to go back to their original jobs, that they had before those Democrat lockdown mandates.

    Joe Biden has actually been destroying American jobs, with his war on the USA’s energy independence, that President Trump had created, and the closing down of construction on oil pipelines, the absolute safest way to transport oil from where it is drawn from the earth, to where it is processed into useable fuels, and then how the processed fuels are then sent to distribution points, and then to gas stations where Americans can buy it at a cheaper price than they can foreign oil products.

    Joe Biden also rescinded oil drilling permits that also put Americans out of work, and caused the high increases in gas prices, that since we no longer have all the oil production in the USA, we had to buy the same amount of oil that Biden had shut down in the USA, from foreign countries at a much higher price, and has actually funded the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

    There are so many other Biden policies that has stopped production and loss of US jobs in the USA, than to take the time to list them all, but Joe Biden has definitely been destroying US Jobs, not creating any of them, and taking credit for the jobs that President Trump created when the American people are finally allowed to go back to those jobs only when the Democrat Governors finally lifted their pandemic lockdowns.

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