WOW: Brave Sony Execs Refuse to Censor Spider-Man to Appease China, Suffer Huge Losses as a Result

Normally, woke Hollywood can be expected to back down to Chinese demands for censorship that fits with their cultural biases, particularly when it comes to keeping black and gay characters in the movies, characters Hollywood loves to insert, minimized.

Not only that, but the execs behind the movies and studios are even known to bow down to Red Chinese demands that the plot or details in it be changed, such as the removal of the Taiwan patch from Maverick’s jacket in the new Top Gun Film or the replacement of Chinese soldiers with North Korean soldiers in the terrible remake of Red Dawn.

However, it looks like a few of those normally spineless executives finally got some steel in their backs, as they refused to censor a scene in the new Spider-Man movie to appease Red China, which wanted a patriotic scene censored so as to not risk letting their people see American patriotism.

According to Puck, an industry trade publication, the Red Chinese authorities wanted Sony to delete a scene involving the Statute of Liberty from the end of the film.

As that outlet put it, “According to multiple sources, when the authorities got back to Sony, they had a request: Delete the Statue of Liberty from the ending of the film. Yes, seriously.Read more