Dr. Fauci Accuses Critics of ‘Normalizing Untruths’ — Dr. Rand Paul Unloads with Cold, Hard Facts on His Failed Track Record

Dr. Anthony Fauci may believe that he is “the Science.” After all, who else keeps idolatric pictures and even bobbleheads of himself in his office?

But for all of Fauci’s bluster about his purported omniscience on everything viruses, there is his stubborn track record of failure. Fauci has been wrong time and time again. And Senator Rand Paul, who is a practicing ophalmologist, has been there to correct him every step of the way.

So, when Dr. Fauci had the opportunity to proselytize his boundless wisdom with the University of Michigan’s graduating class this weekend, he added in the risible rimshot argument that his critics were the ones ‘normalizing untruths.’

Senator Rand Paul joined Fox News host Jesse Watters to dissect the doctor’s claim, while peppering the NIAID Director with a barrage of established Covid facts that should put his misinformation complaints to shame.

Anthony Fauci — I don’t know if you saw this?” Watters said. “He was invited to lecture graduates about the dangers of untruths at the University of Michigan this weekends. Listen to what he said. [Rolls clip.]

“As you graduate and take the place in the wider world that will be yours to shape, do not shrug your shoulders and accept the normalization of untruths,” Fauci said in the clip. “Because if you do, lies become dominant and reality is distorted.” Read more