Not Content To Call Conservatives Deplorables, the Left Finds New Names

Without humor where would we be? Now that the left is not content with calling us Deplorables, misogynists, bigots, racists, anti-vaxxers, and a whole host of other insults that have been foisted upon conservatives for the past six years, they have come up with the label “Ultra MAGA”. Why is it that the left can’t have discourse without insulting a person or calling them a name? The newest label though is amusing. Let’s deconstruct the label “ultra MAGA.” Ultra means very or extremely, or in new leftist speak “extremist”. MAGA we all know is short for Make America Great Again. How is this an insult again? Who exactly came up with this name to call us? Well the answer to that is quite interesting actually, it’s Mr. unity President Biden himself.

This from the man who promised to unite the country and end the dangerous divisive rhetoric. He’s not the most popular president either. Read more