EPIC! Mike Flynn Hits Woke DOJ, FBI with MASSIVE Lawsuit! Here’s What You Need To Know

Of all the Trump officials persecuted and prosecuted by the Deep State and its agents, former Lt. General Mike Flynn was treated perhaps the worst. He and his good name were dragged through the mud by years of investigations, with him seeing his career evaporate and his retirement savings blown to smithereens, all over a false charge pushed by radical frauds and hucksters.

Well, now Flynn is on the warpath and he means to get payback from the FBI and DOJ, as he just rocked them with a massive lawsuit in which he’s demanding $50 million from those aforementioned parties for their “malicious prosecution” of him, malicious prosecution that was related to the now-discredited Russia collusion investigation.

The suit he filed is known as a Form 95 Civil Claim. According to Just the News, the claim “was filed Feb. 22. It names the DOJ, FBI, U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington D.C., Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office and the Executive Office of the President as potential defendants and alleges former President Barack Obama and the FBI had a vendetta against him that biased their actions.”

In the claim, provided by Just the News, Flynn and his legal team claim that “Of all of President Trump’s appointees, the Obama White House hated Flynn the most,” and then goes on to list irregularities that happened in his case, irregularities he says show the FBI’s vendetta against him.

The claim also alleges that, starting in July of 2016, “the FBI began to express disdain for candidate Donald J. Trump and began to consider ways in which it could hamper Donald Trump as candidate or as President, were he to win the 2016 election.Read more