WATCH: Racist Clown Cenk Uygur Loses His Mind Over Rogan’s “Groomer” Remarks, Starts Screaming and Melts Down On Air

Cenk Uygur is the host of the Young Turks show, a far-left program that’s somehow managed to go even farther outside the Overton window and into the far fringes of leftism as of late.

Needless to say, Uygur wasn’t a fan of Rogan’s recent defense of the term “Uyghur” when he was speaking with Gad Saad.

But, while Uygur’s hatred of what Rogan said, useful as it is for the right and a very bad look for the pedo-apologist left, what he said in attacking Rogan was so far out of left field that it is worth noting.

That wild response came last Thursday on that day’s episode of The Young Turks. Discussing the Rogan issue, Uyghur rolled a video clip of Rogan saying, “The term ‘groomer,’ a lot of people don’t like that term online. They’re very upset. But they’re real. There are groomers.”

The clip also included Rogan’s later comments, where he noted that many of the groomers tend to be teachers and that a good number of gay or transgender individuals that are “groomers” try to get away with their creepy remarks by bringing up their sexuality, saying “how many of those people are out there? And how many of those people are doing it under the guise of ‘I’m an LGBTQ educator!’

Well, Uygur lost his mind over those comments, going on a demented rant. Attacking Rogan for daring to say that kids shouldn’t be preyed upon by groomers, Uygur said:

Do they, Joe? Do they? Show me one story where that happened. When a teacher masturbated in front of the class and they said ‘It’s ok, I’m LGBTQ’ and they weren’t fired! And they said ‘It’s ok, he’s LGBTQ!’ Show me one story, you f’ing liar! That never ever happened. Read more