WATCH: President Trump Says, ‘IT’S COMMON SENSE’

Following Donald J. Trump’s announcement that he was running for the Oval Office on June 16, 2015, the same people on the left who previously had vied for his attention suddenly became some of his worst enemies.

As a real estate mogul and reality show star from Brooklyn, Trump was a NY darling for those shooting for corporate and entrepreneurial success and was even mentioned in gangster rap videos and was invited to do cameo appearances in movies like Home Alone 2.

With the United States struggling under the Biden administration’s policies, the calls for former President Trump to run again are reaching a fever pitch.

In response, the leader of the MAGA movement has been teasing his supporters by withholding his official announcement that he is running again in 2024 while at the same time making statements confirming he will be throwing his hat back into the ring.

Former President Donald Trump brought his “American Freedom Tour” to Austin, TX, and promised to “take back our beautiful, beautiful, beautiful White House” in 2024.

He highlighted a handful of candidates, including Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is facing a runoff challenge from Land Commissioner George P. Bush.

Trump spoke for more than an hour to an enthusiastic crowd of roughly 8,000 people at the Austin Convention Center.

“The Donald” was the last speaker of the day and took the stage after remarks by Mike Pompeo, former secretary of state and CIA director under Trump; Donald Trump Jr.; and Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News host.

During the event, Trump told supporters he doesn’t care what they call him; he just wants a border. Read more